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Welcome! This is a community for all my Billy Lover's that just can't get enough of Billy just like me. Don't be scared to write you feelings thoughts, or anything you like to write about Billy. This community is also for other's who like to chat about Joel, Benji, Paul or how much they miss Chris, so do you best and get down with GC! Credit for the layout _dirylove! Keep Representin GC cause GC is Representin you!?!




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[January 7th 2006]

[ mood | happy ]

hay so how are you guys
I don't want this place to die ether
so all of you guys come back PLEASE!!!!
my new name is _dark_angles_
if you add me I will add you

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[December 2nd 2005]

hey hows things goin out in the world? well im in school now and im bored to absolute death! and this is because the stupid school blocked myspace! GASP! even though one of the teachers has a myspace. well news here... i moved, still same town and everything but into a pretty darn sweet house! and im gunna be goin over to china next summer with some people to people thing so thats pretty sweet. and FYI... i LOVE gc fans ya'll are some of the absolute nicest people in the world. there is no tension here between anybody! I LOVE YOU!!!
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what is up??? [November 6th 2005]

[ mood | im bouncing off walls ]

hey everybody:
if u do comment in my livejournal or on this update
i want to go to one of their concerts so bad so if u did please tell me how it went like exapmles:

r they good sounding?
were they all good at the songs??
were they hott???(LOL)

im bored so im going now!


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[November 5th 2005]


NEW RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



it looks like this place is dying so..... everyone must post @ least once per month please... i dont care what its about, it can be icons (dosnt have to do w/ gc) or it could just be about your life. so please dont let this place dye!

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[October 23rd 2005]

[ mood | chipper ]

hey every1! how ya'll been? okay, i know it has nothing to do with mister billy but hey its is having to do with a REALLY good band. did anyone just happen to get the Bon Jobi cd? I'm kindda beggin my mom to buy it "for herself" but she still hasnt gotten it yet. I'm only thinkin of her here!

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